Baby Hicaa


Baby Hicaa is a subsidiary of Hicaa, a local Sarawakian brand that wanted to focus on franchising. they have been in the bubble tea market for more than 7 years.


Branding & Social Media Management

Vala is a muslimah fashion company that focuses on creating premium quality bawals for their customers in West Malaysia.


They needed to have premium and luxurious feeling to match the branding that they wanted to go with.


To incorporate their premium feeling throughout their social media, we provided them with premium and luxurious feeling branding through their social media feed.

Zheniq Property


Zheniq Property is a real estate development and investment strategically established in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The chosen name is a conglomeration of the Chinese letter ‘Zhen’ ‘臻’ (Zhēn) or Japanese term ‘Zen’ together with ‘unique’.


We proposed a minimalistic-looking logo mark that includes two elements; Chinese frame border representing architectural element, a traditional Chinese character ‘臻’ (Zhēn) which is the primary brand letter.

Syn Min Kong

Branding & Social Media Management

Syn Min Kong started in 1956, exporting Sarawak Pepper internationally. After the pandemic, they started to venture into retail, but their previous design was not suitable for the retail market.


They wanted to re-brand themselves into a premium pepper brand for the retail market.


We proposed to re-design their packaging, and made sure to maintain a proper combination of their original design in the new design.

Oaksworth Development


Choon Eng Group is an F&B distributor founded in 1976. As of today, the company has established its operations over 11 locations across the state of Sarawak. The full-grown distributor holds over 10 well-known agencies, including Colgate, Coca-cola, Prodiet, etc.


They then decided to venture into property development in 2021, adapting Mainland China’s profit merger concept, an enhancing and innovative feat in Malaysia.


There was a need to rebrand into a development company in Malaysia that also incorporated American elements to elevate and sophisticate the brand.